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stop animal testing

Animal testing, also known as vivisection, is continuing worldwide despite efforts to stop cruel experiments and replace them with humane alternatives that do not involve animals. Over 100 million animals are killed every year in experiments but that number is probably much higher due to incomplete records. In Canada, over 2 million animals were used in experiments in 2004. When humane alternatives exist, why does this madness continue?

Join W@H on April 14th for a public awareness demonstration about animal testing as we kick off our anti-vivisection campaign. Help us educate the public on buying cruelty-free products and on learning about why animal testing is just plain bad science.
WHEN: Saturday April 14, 2007
WHERE: Dundas Square, Yonge & Dundas, Toronto

TIME: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Posters and leaflets provided.

Be sure to check out W@H's appearance on last week's Animal Voices radio show on 89.5 FM! We spent the hour talking about the Canadian seal hunt and the activism surrounding it. You can listen to the archived show on http://www.animalvoices.ca

If you would like to volunteer with W@H, please get in touch with us for a volunteer application. We are currently seeking passionate, dedicated people who will be able to assist us with upcoming campaigns and events. This promises to be a very busy summer with lots of exciting stuff that will be announced soon!

We heart animals,
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