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toronto fur demos this saturday

got this in the mail, for people in the toronto area:

This weekend, we join up with ARK II and bring you two anti-fur demonstrations
on Saturday in honor of National Anti-Fur Day! Details for both demos are
below. Join us for both demonstrations to show Canada that wearing, buying, or using fur in any way is unacceptable!

Demo 1:

WHEN: Saturday February 10, 2007
TIME: 12 PM - 1 PM
WHERE: Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor St. West

This year marks the 18th annual National Anti-Fur Day for ARK II. 22 cities in 6
provinces have planned events. We are please to be joined by local activists,
Wild @ Heart ( wildatheart-online) for this peaceful anti-fur
demonstration outside Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W).

We welcome fellow activists, volunteers, members and local animals rights groups
to join in this demonstration in support of National Anti-Fur Day. There will be
signs, literature and campaign materials on hand for distribution.

ARK II Dramatists for Truth will perform a "Cruelty-Free Fashion Show" to
showcase non-animal based garments to the public. To join in the performance,
please contact us in advance.

Please contact Helen Prancic for more information: 416 536 2308

Demo 2:
'Fur Is Criminal!'

On National Anti-Fur Day, come out and help W@H educate consumers about what's wrong with the gruesome Canadian fur industry!

WHEN: Saturday February 10, 2007
WHERE: Fashion Crimes/Pam Chorley, 322 Queen St. West
TIME: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Posters and leaflets provided.

For the animals,

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