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Fashion Crimes

Toronto clothing designer and owner of Fashion Crimes on Queen Street West, Pam Chorley, has bloodied her hands this season by including fur in almost all of her winter collection. Fur trim, fur capelets, and even fur gloves have
destroyed the beauty of Pam's clothing and have turned her store into a
graveyard of dead animals.

Wild At Heart is asking Pam to become a compassionate designer and to sign our fur-free pledge. We would like her to pull the fur products from her shelves and swear off using any fur in future collections. It doesn't take a creative genius to skin an animal alive for fashion!

Our Fashion Crimes campaign is kicking off this weekend with an anti-fur
demonstration in front of Pam's store. Take action with W@H and stand up for
animals who are dying right this moment for designers like Pam Chorley!

Where: Fashion Crimes, 322 Queen St West, Toronto
When: Saturday December 2
Time: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Meet: 2:00 PM, in front of Fashion Crimes
Posters and leaflets provided.

Stay tuned in the next few days for action alerts about our new Fashion Crimes
campaign! It's time that all designers make the compassionate choice to create
cruelty-free clothing!

Head out and grab this week's issue of NOW Magazine (it's free!) which includes an article on Wild At Heart's marathon 36 hour 'Chained Dog' demonstration! You can also read the article, see a photo, and listen to audio clips from the interview here:

Are you on Myspace? If so, add us up at

See you on Saturday,

wild at heart.
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